How to hack whatsapp account if you have someone cell no? is it possible?

If you want to know answer of following question then you are right here.

  • Is it possible to hack someone whatsapp account?
  • How to hack someone whatsApp account?
  • Can we hack whatsapp account with just single number?

Dear every network can be hacked in this world , every security can be broken. Whatsapp is the application of Mark zuckerberg , you know the Facebook owner he is.As you know the Facebook security are so tight. To hack some one account you are needed highly professional hacking team with powerful machines. After working 3 to four months perhaps you can hack whatsap security and hack someone account via just a single mobile number.

May be you have been trying to search about whatsapp account hacking and you found different videos over internet regarding this.They told you following methods of hacking account.

1-Hack whatsapp account via spyware apps 

spyware apps are needed to install someone’s mobile and these apps inform you about the activities of that mobile e.g opening whatsapp , whatsapp screenshots e.g not absolutely account access you may have.

You also should be aware while installing any application on your mobile that may be spyware app which theft your secure information like password , bank details.

2-Hacking via QR Coad

Actually QR code’s  is a method to run your whatsapp into any web browser which is not hacking. Whatsapp allows you “whatsapp web” feature. This feature help you to run whatsapp in your pc whenever you will be working in laptop.

3-scoop mac address hacking technique

Yes this is the only best way to hack someone whatsapp account using mac address of his/her mobile phone.Mac address enable you to hack but you will also required a lot of hacking technical skills. It is not easy for normal or new user.You have to access his/her mac address by going to setting and network and find there mac address.


how to find mac address in setting

how to find mac address in setting

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