Fastest online earning methods 2020 without investment

Hi dear new comers today I am going to share Fastest online earning methods 2020 without investment with you.There are to types of business traditional business and online business. In both business you would be selling your services or products.For example there is a shopkeeper he will sell things e.g grocery , vegetables etc but if there is a doctor he will sell his services and same like teachers will be selling his services.Now let me tell you a little bit about traditional business and online business.

Traditional Business

Traditional business people make shops , do offline marketing to increase sales etc and it took too much investment.For example if you are going to open a shoes selling shop then you have to arrange a shop first , monthly rent of shop, shop’s decoration , shop’s lighting and many more.After having your shop complete , then time to market and tell people about your business, that what type of your business is and what are you selling there.You tell them your shoes quality in ads. You do promotion off line via sign boards, pumflets , banners etc which also took much investment.

online business where low investment required

  1. It took much investment .
  2. Investment in purchasing products 
  3. Investment in fixed assets like (Furniture , infrastructure , computer POS)
  4. Much time to introduce.
  5. Required PR (Public Relations) where you are living.
  6. Require a place

Online Business

Online business is same like offline business but there are liabilities and does not require too much investment and time.You are not bound to buy or having shop on rent. You also don’t require Infrastructure , building even no need to buy products to sell.It can be started with low or no investment.

online business where low investment required

  • Online business took low or no investment.
  • No infrastructure , building required.
  • No PR public relations required surrounding. 
  • Don’t required place.
  • You can easily understand your competitors , analyses of customer.




  1. Blogging
  2. Freelancing 
  3. E commerce
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Drop Shipping 
  6. Forex Trading
  7. Video Monitization 


Blog is same like diary people use to write for their every day happening in life.People share their thoughts,views  by writing daily experiences , interest , likes and dislikes and problem’s solutions for others.Blogging is art of writing a blog.The person who writes blog is called Blogger.

Now a days writing blog is not just a hobby but famous money making technique.There are a number of poeple making millions of dollars at home just working 2 hours daily.Gender difference does not matter for blogging , Male and Females both  can do.

How can do blogging?

  1. Blogging is for those people who do jobs but salary is not sufficient.
  2. For students who want to meet their educational expenses.
  3. For house wives who want to help their husbands for earning a good livelihood. 

What are requirements to get start blogging?

  1. You are required to buy a PC (cost up to $90 minimum)
  2. An internet connection with minimum 1 MB speed
  3. Need to buy domain name and website hosting



  1. Do Niche Research (Area of interest)
  2. Buy Domain and web hosting
  3. Do DNS (Domain name server) Settings 
  4. Design WordPress Website
  5. Do Keywords Research
  6. Do Quality content writing 
  7. One page SEO (search engine optimization)
  8. Off Page SEO
  9. Website Monetization 
  10. Amount withdraw from Advertisers platforms 



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