Drop shipping earning techniques step by step in 2020

What is drop shipping?

Drop shipping is the way of selling products online without investment or production via making e commerce store.

Dropshipping is a retailer’s way of keeping a store that sells stock in stock. Instead, the store sells a product using the store model, buys the item from a third party, and sends it directly to the customer. As a result, the seller does not operate the product the same way.

The biggest difference between dropshipping and the standard retail model is that the seller does not stock or sell merchandise. Instead, the seller buys a third party — usually your wholesaler or manufacturer — on the list needed to fulfill orders.

shopping store

How it works 

Make Shopping store  >  Get orders and money  > Buy goods from Aliexpress or Alibaba with customer’s address>

How to do Drop Shipping Step by step?

There are two common approaches to Deploying on Shopify that are located in North America or using a supplier database or looking for a renter to find a Shopify app that connects you and your store to thousands of suppliers.

For a while, we’d recommend Oberlow, a shop developed by Shopify that helps independent business owners sell sales. With Oberloe, you can browse AlixSpeed ​​and import products that benefit you directly from Oberloe – which is linked to your Shopify storage with the click of a button.

Once a customer buys a product, you’ll be able to complete your order in the Oberlo app.

  • Buy Domain name for shopping website.
  • Buy shared web hosting.
  • Designing  woocomerce wordpress or shoppify  website.
  • Do on-page of-page seo and paid advertisement.



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